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Complete Transformation Program

Wouldn't you and your friends love – More energy, Healthy body transformation, Healthy meal inspiration, Exercise plan, Online support
Get all this and more when you sign up to our 8 week program for just $4.45 a day which includes 1 delicious whole food drink a day!

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Exercise program

Hydration, exercise, rest & relaxation are important components of the Complete Transformation Program!

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Meal Plans. Recipes. Nutrition.

Sustainable Lifestyle Choices



Our program guides includes nurturing the mind and spirit as well as the body.

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Do you have Complete Nutrition?

Juice Plus+ Complete® is a nutritious, all-natural powdered drink mix that provides balanced nutrition in every sachet.

Whole food based nutrition.

Juice Plus+ Complete® is made from 100% natural plant-based nutritional sources – just like all Juice Plus+® products.

No artificial ingredients.

Juice Plus+ Complete® contains no detectable levels of gluten, no artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives – in fact, no artificial anything.

Two delicious flavours.

There are two choices of Juice Plus+ Complete®, smooth French Vanilla and rich Dutch Chocolate – available separately or as a two-flavour variety pack.

It’s easy to enjoy complete nutrition

Today, good nutrition is universally accepted as essential to good health

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More fibre.

Almost 8 grams per serve. Considerably more fibre than most other brands, in a healthy blend of soluble and insoluble fibres from acacia, guar gum, xanthan, plant cellulose powder, pectin, fructooligosacharides, soy fibre, rice bran and apple fibre.


More Protein.

13 grams per serve. More protein than most other brands provided from a proprietary blend of proteins including water-washed soy, peas, chickpeas, tofu, rice and other plant sources.


Even the carbs are healthy.

All natural plant sources. Slow releasing carbohydrates include quinoa, amaranth, and millet in a proprietary blend of ancient grains that have been cultivated for centuries.

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Less fat.

Almost no fat.
Less than 1/2 gram per serve..

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Less sugar.

Only 10.3 grams per serve. Obtained from all natural organic evaporated cane juice, stevia and other plant sources.


Fewer kilojoules.

504 kilojoules per serve. Better for you than just about any other 504 kJ you’re likely to eat or drink.


Blend of Sprouts and Ancient Grains

Sprouts Contain very concentrated amounts of phytonutrients. • Broccolli • Alfalfa • Radish. Ancient Grains Have been cultivated for centuries • Amaranth • Quinoa • Millet. Also included Proprietary Juice Powders • Pumpkin • Pomegranate • Spirulina • Yucca. No detectable levels of Gluten.

Our Cheerleaders for Change

Fe Taylor

Fe Taylor

Fe Taylor  is passionate about Health and Wellbeing. As a Fitness Professional, Fe loves to support her clients to be the healthiest version of themselves. As a Whole Food Coach Fe is able to assist her clients to make simple changes to their diet and educate them on the benefits of whole foods.

Fe is a motivational speaker and was the Founder and Director of the Gold Coast Children's Health and Wellbeing Expo. Fe volunteers her time as a Surf Lifesaver, a Basketball Coach and as a member of the Gold Coast Active & Healthy Alliance Committee.

    Candy Walters

    Candy Walters

    Candy is a passionate fitness professional who understands that exercise is just 1 slice of the Health and Wellness pie. Candy's holistic approach to looking and feeling your best, covers exercise, nutrition, mindset and rest.

    Her mission is to inspire people to make small healthy steps of change consistently for the rest of their lives- so everyone can truly know what it feels like to live a Vibrant life! This is why Candy is one of our cheerleaders for change.


      Bec Riley

      As a busy mother of two and a classroom teacher i have always needed extra vitamins to get me through my hectic days. My friends used to laugh at me when they saw how many different supplements i took daily. But even still something was missing.

      So i decided to give Juice Plus a go. Now 2 years on it is the only thing i take daily and i wouldnt be without it!

        Bec McCallum

        Bec McCallum

        Bec is a Life Coach, specialising in the Mindset of health. Creating a new Healthy lifestyle can be challenging, for years, we have developed habits and associations to food that we need to move passed mentally and emotionally to be able to create lasting change.

        Being aware of this and working on your mindset will help with your transformation, to a happier, healthier you.

          Suzie McCarthy

          Suzie McCarthy

          A mum of three, Suzie is a passionate wellness advocate who has been in the health industry for the past 2 decades, 16 of those years as a Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. After becoming a mum her passion to help other families make lasting changes in their daily lives expanded.

          “I love sharing my knowledge and passion with others. The world needs our help now more than ever with the escalation of so many diet related preventable diseases.”

            Dee Wilkinson

            Danera (Dee) Wilkinson

            Specialised Yoga instructor. Doula. Holistic Beauty Therapist. Wife. Mum. I love to help people see what they can achieve with some simple changes and consistent action. As a specialised yoga teacher I see people who are brand-new to the mat gain confidence and return, once they see that yoga can be as simple or as hard as they want to be.

            Teaching kids, pre-and post natal, seniors and beginners means that I have a lot of variety every day, especially when combined with holistic beauty treatments and childbirth education. I am blessed to work in my passion of serving others every single day. When people "get" what I do and experience the benefit of my service, I know that's my job done! I can't wait to see where this journey will take you!



              mindygirL and her team of amazing sidekicks spend every waking moment creating something! whether it be breeding culture at the petri dish the community arts organisation which hosts regular events showcasing local artist’s and musicians; creating beautiful organic vegan food at oH my gooDnesS OR running Little Mountain Printing - mindy is a baby spinach addict, counts the ocean as her daily meditation by encouraging waves to smash her in the face and takes as many opportunities to ride her bike along the beach path singing to strangers as she goes.

                Sarah Alley

                Sarah Alley

                I am a dance instructor who is very passionate about movement, health and living a wholistic lifestyle aware of body-mind connection. I have a primary school education background and I am very passionate about children’s health and development.

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